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Motorcycle Touring Maps

Rural Appalachia is home to some of the most beautiful driving routes in the country with an abundance of activities and experiences just waiting for people to discover them. The maps we create are more than a map, they are a tool to help bring to light all your area has to offer a potential tourist. We know from years of experience in other locations that our maps are not only a fun method people use to plan their vacations, but they also often put them on display in their homes and businesses as they are a unique visual tool and a conversation piece. 

Every route is carefully considered to create a unique experience for the user whether they’re taking the family on a road trip or biking the open road. Many people report that after trying one or two of our routes, they make it a mission to try them all. 

People can use our map anywhere, from any location and pinpoint a destination to help them plan their vacation. No GPS or cell phone signal is required to find your way along our beautiful highways and byways. Maps also provide a sense of nostalgia. Motorcyclists especially enjoy the ability to document and display their trips for other people to see. 

In three years, we will have printed over 1.25 million maps that have been distributed both nationally and internationally. Every business featured receives free maps to provide their customers. We receive emails, telephone calls and text messages from people in all 50 states and several foreign countries requesting our maps. Our maps are distributed at motorcycle rallies including, but not limited to Daytona Beach, Myrtle Beach, Rolling Thunder in Washington, DC, Panama City Beach, Laconia, NH, Sturgis, SD and Galveston, TX. 

More and more states and their cities and counties are realizing the financial advantage to promoting tourism which is aimed at motorcycle riders, sports car enthusiasts and people seeking the beauty of the backroads of rural America. Recently the New York Times published an article about a veteran who essentially saved the local economy of Tazewell, VA by branding a stretch of backroad “The Back of the Dragon” and promoting it to motorcycle riders. Within a period of 2-3 years the estimated number of riders visiting the area exploded from 12,000 to 60,000. The state legislature of Virginia, realizing the value of this genre of tourist, voted to officially adopt, the name “Back of the Dragon.” 

We at Wild Mountain Rides are here to provide a higher level of promotion and marketing for your area. In 2017 we had printed and distributed 500,000 maps that have gone both nationwide and worldwide. A small local business owner located outside of Sneedville, TN told officials from Nashville that in 2017 her business increased by $10,000 every month over the preceding year. What created such a drastic change in her revenue? She made the small investment to be featured on one of our routes, “Copperhead Road”. Even more impressive was the fact that the state of Tennessee reported a statewide increase in tourism of 6-8%. That increase in tourism meant a whopping additional $2 billion dollars just in the Great Smoky Mountain area of Tennessee. 

In areas that are covered by our map we will work with and supply maps to city and county visitor centers and local Chambers of Commerce. We already have requests for our upcoming maps from Welcome Centers in Georgia, North Carolina and Tennessee. Most recently officials from the State of Georgia has requested 11,000 maps for their 11 Welcome Centers across the state. We are currently negotiating with the State of Tennessee to have them officially adopt the nicknames for roads that we “brand” as well as placing signage to identify the route and its turns. Negotiations have included officials from the Tennessee Dept of Tourism, Tennessee Dept. of Economic Development and Tennessee Dept of Transportation. We plan to approach officials from other states that we cover and ask they adopt similar programs for their states. 

Our current plans are to continue to produce our NC/TN map on an annual basis as well as adding a second map highlighting the Blue Ridge Parkway. Out first map is centered around Tennessee and includes parts of the 9 adjoining states. Our Blue Ridge Parkway map will feature the Blue Ridge Parkway in its entirely as well as a small portion of northeast Tennessee, the majority of northern North Carolina, most of the state of Virginia, the lower half of West Virginia and approximately a third of Eastern Kentucky. We hope to have the Blue Ridge Parkway Map in circulation by April/May 2019. In 2020 our target release date for both maps will be March 1st so we can begin each year’s distribution in Daytona Beach, FL at their annual Bike Week. 

If you have a favorite backroad scenic route in your area that you’d like to see us list, a historic site, unique attraction or know of motorcycle friendly businesses that you would recommend to a friend, please let us know about those. We prefer the small “mom and pop” type operations as they usually appreciate the business more and typically treat their customers better than the larger corporate operations. All businesses are welcome to advertise though, and we encourage you to join our team today. Let us help make your business more successful with the best advertising tool available.